Your Emotions is Harming You

Jose Reed   December 13, 2016   Comments Off on Your Emotions is Harming You

Health tipsSome people do not know how their emotions actually can harm their physical health as well. Here, you will know some information and tips how your emotions can harm you. Emotions here mean bad emotions of yours such as anger, grief, worry, stress, and fear. That is why there are a lot of people with stress mood will look so unhealthy, right? So, how these emotions influence the health? Let see the explanations below.

For you who often cannot hold your anger; your life is really in danger. It is because the anger can weaken your liver. Then, for you who always in deep grief; you should remember your lung. Your deep grief will weaken your lung as well not only your feeling. After that, if you are the one who always worries anything and anytime, you should know that the worry you have will weaken your stomach. Then, if you are always stress or too much stress, you will see that your heart and brain are in trouble. Stress will weaken your heart and brain as well. Then the last, if you often feel fear, your kidney is really in danger. Fear will weaken your kidney so much.

Thus, you know that all of those bad emotions will really harm your body health. If you still hold your bad emotions every day; your whole body will be ruin and damage fast. You should remember to take care of your own health. So, to make your body stay healthy and young, you should think positive more in your life. You should keep yourself happy. Do not fall into your feeling too much if you are hurt or sad. Thus, that is all the emotions that will harm your body and your health. Hope the information will help you and the people around you. Share this information; then, they will know.

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