Cooling Down Naturally In A Hot Day

Jose Reed   January 10, 2017   Comments Off on Cooling Down Naturally In A Hot Day

Health tipsWhat is the best drink in the hot afternoon? Most people will answer ice cold drinks that can refresh their mind and body. However, it is another illusion that is forced to happen. Our body is not designed to be like that, and it can cause problems especially if you strike your body with ice cold drink after doing excessive activities under hot weather. In this case, the best way to cool down your body temperature for achieving comfortable feeling is by drinking water at room temperature. If you are seeking for more excitement, it is still fine to take colder drinks. However, drinking extremely cold water will have the opposite effect which will not be nice.

There is another – yet rather unorthodox – way too cool yourself down. It is by taking hot water instead of the colder ones. Indeed, it is true that it may not be comfortable for most people. Moreover, knowing the fact that hot water only makes you sweat more, it is an unpleasant way to cool the body. However, this procedure is backed up by scientific research, and it is helpful to lower body temperature. The main requirement for this strategy to work is that you are sweating. Since sweating is natural body reaction to remove excess heat, drinking hot water to make you sweaty is a procedure to naturally cool down your body.

Since it relies on how your body reacts – by sweating – you need to pay attention if you do not sweat after drinking the hot water. The effect of this strategy will be reversed if you do not sweat. Additionally, if you are wearing tight and bulky outfits and you drink the hot water the effect will not be good. In this situation, you are sweating but it does not evaporate. The trapped heat will not cool your body down.

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